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Sky Mountain Ladies League

Sky Mountain Ladies League

Every Thursday Morning Shotgun Starts at  8:00 AM June   7:30 AM July

May 26               Even Holes                Total of all even holes,  1/2 handicap

June 2                3-3-3                           Best score on three par 3's, three par 4's, and three par 5's, 1/2 hdcp.

June 9               T's & F's                     Total scores on holes beginning with T and F. 1/2 HDCP

June 16              Baker's Dozen          Best 13 holes, 1/2 HDCP,  Gross/Net Payout

June 23              Middle Nine              Total Scores for holes #6 thru #14. 1/2 HDCP . (Gross / Net)

June 30              Criss Cross               Best nine holes comparing 1-10, 2-11 3-12 etc.  Circle better score, total the nine                                                                           holes.  1/2 HDCP

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